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I am passionate about working in the area of "music Career coaching" helping people move forward as they chase after their passions and dreams in the music industry. 
I'm a certified life coach (International coaching federation).
I am excited to go on that journey with you and partner with you as you adventure into that new season in whatever form it takes. I understand that musicians often have gift of music but just don't know how to move forward with it....that's where I come in...."I can help".

I spent 15 years operating a music booking agency (Freedom Bound Agency) and have a knowledge in management, social media, Branding and marketing. I have worked with artists in both canada and the USA.
I can work with you on the goals you have and help keep you accountable as you pursue those goals.

I enjoy sitting down and meeting new people and talking about their dreams and real goals.  
Personally, I am also passionate about the time I get to
spend as a coach/mentor with guys in addiction recovery.
I am also part of a recovery church team that does street outreach. 

I spent 33 years working in my main career prior to moving into the music industry to operate the booking agency and now the coaching. 
I am also a Professional Cartoonist
i have been blessed to be on 2 mission trips to Africa and a couple to mexico to help at orphanages and to feed and work with the children. I help at our local church with Men's Ministry, Recovery Church and wherever else i am needed. 

Drop me an Email or a Text.
First Session is "Free" and is a chance to ask questions and see if coaching with me would be a good fit for you.

I look forward to hearing from you....Glenn


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